Sacred Alignment

B O D Y    T R A N S L A T I O N    •    S O M A T I C    G U I D A N C E   •    P L A N T     S P I R I T    M E D I C I N E  

Let's drop in...

Take a moment to close your eyes, deepen your breath, and invite yourself to feel what is presently moving within you.


What are you noticing?


How does your body language mirror the sensations that are alive within you?


Does your open heart reflect your: curiosity, autonomy, connection to the world around you, revelation, clarity, love, transition, full embodiment of your desires, creativity, determination, passion, and new levels of sensation? 


Do you feel a tightness in your body that began when you may have experienced: feelings of disharmony, restlessness, anxiety, feeling triggered, loss of direction, rage, numbed desire, trauma, or an overall disconnection from self?

All that you are noticing move within you is the first move guiding you to a deeper somatic awareness of how you exist within your inner and outer world

Translating the messages your body shares will uncover the numerous pathways you can take to experience the somatic wisdom your body holds.

Each anatomical system within you, the rhythm of your heartbeat, the flow of your breath, your childhood, how you relate and evolve within this lifetime - all work harmoniously to communicate with you in the present moment.


By listening you will align with your spirit, awaken your senses to your inner and outer world, and allow transformation to happen.

If you found yourself here today, I am here to affirm to you that your body carries the answers you seek, your inner guidance is your greatest teacher, you have the capacity to heal yourself, there is space for you, and you are supported each step of the way. 

Are you:

↠ Committed to evolving your relationship with your body.



↠ Desiring to deepen your somatic awareness and learn the wisdom your body holds.


↠ Called to connect with earth based healing practices, herbal allies, and plant spirit medicine.


↠ Ready to devote time and space for self care - as a sacred service of self love.



↠ Trusting in that this healing container is trauma-informed, one of no judgement, harm, or superficiality.

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Photo and Video by Derek Dockendorf