Sacred Alignment

m a s s a g e  •  g u i d a n c e  •  s e l f  c a r e

Abbie was introduced to massage therapy at a young age by a family friend, who soon became a mentor to her and shined a light on her healing practice. After experiencing health challenges as a child, as Abbie got older she was drawn to healing modalities that made her feel whole, and deeply in tune with what her body truly needed. This inspired her to learn how she could guide others to see self care as a priority, and not just something to seek when we are in pain. 


Massage Therapy and energy work were two modalities that started her journey to learn more alternative ways of healing. In 2012, Abbie attended the California College of Ayurveda and completed their Ayurvedic Health Counseling program. After CCA, Abbie spent the next 4 years studying massage therapy with both the Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz, CA, and the Burke Williams Massage Academy in San Jose, CA. 


Abbie focuses on educating people about our "mind-body connection." This means that no matter what happens in our life, it does have the capability to manifest physically. Ancestral wounds, emotional trauma, stress, injury, repetitive movement patterns, can all lead to a full-body imbalance.


Using intention, intuition, massaging using light to deep pressure, guided breath-work, and gentle stretching,

Abbie creates a space for people to feel comfortable connecting back with their body and more confident to approach their healing. 


Currently, Abbie is studying Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and herbalism.


She is always eager to continue to travel and learn so that she can connect more with whom she works with!

For those who are...

↠ Devoted to calling in the deep messages their body holds.

↠ Seeking to experience ancient healing modalities, ritual, and learn more ways on how to strengthen their connection to self.

↠ Ready to surrender to the energy that may move during a session.


↠ Trusting in that the container of which the healing is taking place is one of no judgement, harm, or superficiality.

All photo and video by Derek Dockendorf