Sacred Alignment

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Do you hear it? 


The whisper from your intuitive voice?  


This voice is inviting you to listen to a part of yourself that is needing to be heard.

Physical tension, feelings of disharmony within your body, restlessness, anxiety, loss of direction, numbed desire, an overall disconnection from self; these are all just examples of the ways your body could be calling out to you.

Curiosity, movement, revelation, clarity, love, transition, embodiment, creativity, determination, passion, new levels of sensation; these are all just examples of the ways your body could be calling out to you.


No matter where you are on your journey, your intuition is always here as a guide to connect you deeper with your body. 

To uncover the numerous pathways you can take to experience the somatic wisdom your body holds.


Think of this inner voice, or this "gut feeling", as the candle you carry through the darkness.  

Each anatomical system within you, the rhythm of your heartbeat, the depth of your breath, all work harmoniously to communicate with your inner voice.


By listening you will align with your spirit, awaken your senses to your inner and outer world, and allow transformation to happen.

If you found yourself here today, I am here to affirm to you that your body carries the answers you seek, your inner guidance is your greatest teacher, you have the capacity to heal yourself, there is space for you, and you are supported each step of the way. 

Welcome home.

For those who are...

↠ Committed to transforming their relationship with their body.

↠ Ready to strengthen their somatic "mind-body" connection.


↠ Curious about earth based medicine, and intuitive guidance.

↠ Ready to devote time for self care as a sacred service of self love.


↠ Trusting in that this healing container is trauma informed, one of no judgement, harm, or superficiality.

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Photo and Video by Derek Dockendorf