COVID-19 Update:

At this time, all massage therapy sessions are temporarily unavailable. 

Stay devoted to your healing by scheduling a free 30 min "Body Translation" call.


A voice only, or video call to address what you are currently seeking guidance in. I will be able to share with you self-massage, ritual, and body movement practices to deepen your connection to self, and allow for energy to move!

Please reach out if you have any questions about this offering.

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Body Translation Intake Call/Video Chat

via Facetime or WhatsApp

30 minutes FREE

For those seeking a more in-depth intake to discuss the energetics behind their focus areas, to learn self-massage techniques to assist with these areas, or to receive intuitive guidance.


Can be provided before initial session or to touch base on ongoing sessions 

Massage Therapy Session


60 minutes $80

90 minutes $100

Upon intake, you will discuss your primary focus area and one other area in your life you may be feeling a block, or would simply like to express any changes you are calling in. By expressing these needs, you are opening yourself up to receive clarity, but to also relieve your body and mind of energies you do not need to hold on to.

For the Mamas

Prenatal Massage Therapy Session

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $110

Pregnancy massage for first, second, or third trimester. Massage will be side lying, and to relive discomforts from pregnancy, as well as be a nurturing space to be cared for as you prepare to bring new life into this world.

*Please contact if you have any questions or concerns receiving massage within your first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Ancient Hawaiian Healing 

Lomi Lomi Massage

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $120

Using long fluid strokes, with light to deep pressure, healing chants, various stretching and rocking techniques, you will feel aligned and more connected to your sacred alignment, and become face to face with your healing. 

Abbie will share teachings from her Kumu about the "Wisdom of the Bones"

to educate you on why your body may be presenting specific areas of discomfort, and self care practices to move beyond these blockages.


Abbie is amazing. A true healer! I had been holding out for the right massage therapist after not receiving body work for many years. I felt an instant connection with Abbie. Her energy and attention to detail is everything. She really listens to your concerns and her sweet presence makes you feel so comfortable. Her bodywork is amazing and left me feeling AMAZING!!! I really can’t wait to go back!


Abbie is a true healer. Her massages are some of the best I have had in my life, leaving me feeling loose and refreshed. As a surfer, going in for regular deep tissue massages makes a world of difference for my back, and really my whole body, and this inevitably translates to feeling better in the water. Once you experience her healing work, you’ll be hooked. I certainly am.


Abbie is a wonderful massage therapist. She’s incredibly sweet and has such a nice energy to her. I’m so happy to have finally found “my Massage Therapist”! I’ve had massages with her at Yoso and Thrive and all have been amazing. She’s very skilled, knows how to apply the perfect pressure and always addresses any concerns that you have. I always have some kind of neck/hip/back pain going on and always feel better after a massage from her. I highly recommend her and have told just about everyone I know to go see her!