Every part of you is welcome here,

My name is Abbie Mae, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon, and CAMTC Certified in the state of California.


Massage therapy has been my light in the dark, guiding me to the parts of my being that were begging to be seen and heard. 


I spent years disassociating and turning away from my past, to come to find that some of the most profound wisdom my body has taught me has been from some of my most challenging experiences. 


Massage therapy has helped me move through trauma, make space for the parts of myself I neglected, be aligned with my desires, in love with my body, continues to assist me in translating the stories behind physical tension, stagnant energy, so that I can be of better support to myself and my communities.


I feel honored to be able to hold sacred space for you through bodywork. I am here to reignite your inner light, to reveal the underlying stories that may no longer serve you, and affirm to your body carries all of the answers you seek.


You are capable of feeling at home, safe, and ready to receive the wisdom your body holds; to live in sacred alignment with your inner and outer world.


As we deepen our work together you will feel more receptive to your "inner communication network", you will be able to connect the ways in which your body has held on to mental, physical, or emotional trauma, you will feel empowered to seek self care as a priority and not just necessary if you are in pain, you will learn somatic healing techniques, you will gain clarity as you learn to translate the visceral responses your body makes, and most importantly you will have done all of this truly on your own.


I am here to simply support you, and affirm to you that you are your own true healer.

A session together will consist of storytelling, bodywork, somatic healing, earth medicine, divination, sound, energy work, and intuitive guidance.


Our time together will have several of these modalities woven to best support what you are currently needing. 

Education & Training

 600 hr Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification, California College of Ayurveda

500 hr Cypress Health Institute


550 hr Burke Williams Academy of Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist Oregon #25540

 CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist #74373

224hr Hawaiian Lomilomi Training, Ho'omana Spa Maui

       Currently studying:

  (year 2 of 3) Clinical Herbalism, Vital Ways Institute


 32 hr Somatic Dialogue and Trauma Informed Healing, Dr. Kathryn Kloos


1:1 Virtual Body Translation Call

60 minutes

By being in direct communication with the wisdom held in your body, you will alleviate physical tension, emotional blocks, stored trauma, and energetic stagnation. Through guided visualization practices, Somatic Dialogue,  sound, movement, and self massage; you will hear the messages your body is ready to share with you. You will learn  how to notice and respond to your body, rather than always reacting through 'fight or flight'.