Body Translation


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Virtual Healing Session

    Our emotions, movement patterns, traumatic experiences, attachment styles, our connection to the world around us; can all provide sensations in the body that hold so much wisdom.


Whether you are currently experiencing challenges in your life, and / or you are feeling called to connect deeper with the sacred temple your heart beats in - this offering is for you!

Body Translation is the practice of evolving and embodying the somatic guidance that your body is here to teach you.

Learn how to access the root of your physical tension by shifting your perspective on what could be blocking you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

My intention by sharing this offering is to guide you to the depths of your body that will inspire transformative growth. 


I am here to assist and support your journey deep within your body to evolve your: inner and outer relationships, traumatic holding patterns, and energetic blockages.



For those who are seeking:

- A deeper awareness translating the messages within the body


- Somatic Guidance 

- Trauma Informed Healing for the Inner Child / Shadow

-  Herbal Medicine

- Distant Energy Work

- Integration and Embodiment Practices

- Channeled Support from Plant Kingdom, Spirit,  & Lineage

Current Offerings



Be held, guided, and supported during a bodywork session. Before we begin, we will be able to reflect on your current relationship with your body, and what sensations you are experiencing. When you enter the room, you are entering a trauma informed space. One that supports you feeling safe to express yourself authentically, reclaim what has felt lost, and release what you no longer need to carry on your life's journey. 


I weave traditional massage therapy techniques, Lomilomi, and energy work into each session. I believe that physical tension is just the surface layer revealing the multidimensional being that you truly are. By acknowledging the emotional, energetic, and environmental forces at play, we can release deep rooted patterns that reveal themselves as physical tension / blocks within the body.


90 minutes

$144 USD