Every part of you is welcome here,

My name is Abbie Mae (she/her), by trade I am a licensed massage therapist. Through the eyes of spirit and initiation, you could choose to call me a somatic guide, and herbal medium. Massage therapy is the modality that I use to feel what could be attached to your physical tension, and / or the experiences you are being met with in the present moment. I have spent most of my life strongly in touch with the subtle energies that move throughout our human experience. I believe that the sensations that present themselves in our body, can provide the answers we seek from our external reality. 

My gift to you is to embody the lighthouse guiding you home.


Home in your body, to feel safe in your experience, empowered in your discernment, rooted in your integrity, and committed to communicating with your body in a way that supports every part of you. Every age, experience, and lifetime.

I feel honored to be able to hold sacred space for you as you revitalize your relationship with your body.

I am here to reignite your inner light, connect you with the additional channels of support that are always here for you, and witness you in your evolution.

You are capable of feeling at home, safe, and ready to receive the wisdom your body holds; to live in Sacred Alignment with your inner and outer world.


As we deepen our work together you will feel more aware of your "inner landscape". Foraging your experiences and making the medicine you need for your own authentic journey.


You will be able to connect to the ways in which your body has held on to mental, physical, or emotional trauma, you will feel empowered to seek self care as a priority and not just necessary if you are in pain.


You will learn somatic healing techniques, you will gain clarity as you learn to translate the visceral responses your body makes, and most importantly you will be able to feel confident integrating and embodying these lessons to be able to access on your own.


I am here to simply support you, and affirm to you that you are your own true healer.

A session together will consist of storytelling, bodywork, somatic healing, earth medicine, divination, sound, energy work, and intuitive guidance.


Our time together will have several of these modalities woven to best support what you are currently needing. 

Current Offerings

1:1 Body Translation Call

Imagine being so connected with your body, that your awareness alone could completely change your life. Our emotions, movement patterns, traumatic experiences, attachment styles, our connection to the world around us; can all provide sensations in the body that hold so much wisdom. No matter if you are currently experiencing challenges in your life, and / or you are feeling called to connect deeper with the sacred temple your heart beats in, this offering is for you!

During our 1 hour call, we will use Somatic Dialogue to begin translating the messages your body is communicating with you. 

A session will consist of some or all of the following:

- Guided Journeying through your Internal Landscape


- Sound Healing 

- Distant Energy Work

- Guided Self Massage 

- Embodiment Practices

- Channeled Support from your Guides / Lineage


Via ZOOM , FaceTime, or WhatsApp


60 minutes

$80 USD

Sliding Scale Option Available



Be held, guided, and supported during a bodywork session. Before we begin, we will be able to reflect on your current relationship with your body, and what sensations you are experiencing. When you enter the room, you are entering a trauma informed space. One that supports you feeling safe to express yourself authentically, reclaim what has felt lost, and release what you no longer need to carry on your life's journey. 


I weave traditional massage therapy techniques, Lomilomi, and energy work into each session. I believe that physical tension is just the surface layer revealing the multidimensional being that you truly are. By acknowledging the emotional, energetic, and environmental forces at play, we can release deep rooted patterns that reveal themselves as physical tension / blocks within the body.


80 minutes

$120 USD

Story , Teachers, & Training

 I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California (Awaswas and Ohlone territory). I have Celtic, Welsh, and English ancestry that extends to the Scottish Highlands, the village of Brenchley, Kent, and Wales. More recent history of my bloodline has settled along the Oregon Coastline in Florence, Newport and Coos Bay (Coos, Umpqua, and Siuslaw territory), as well as Portland (Chinook and Multnomah territory). 


As a child I survived being diagnosed with cancer - this experience completely initiated a new relationship with my body. As a teen, I began working with Autumn Wooley, a licensed massage therapist and Craniosacral practitioner. Autumn mentored and guided me towards my offerings on the healing path, and affirmed to me that is was time to prepare to guide others.


Towards my completion of highschool, I began a Blue Fire Reiki mentorship with master Circe Griswold. As the years progressed, I began practicing energy healing and intuitive guidance. The years to follow led me to learn from Dr. Marc Halpern to complete a 600 hr Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification, at the California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City.


I began studying massage and polarity therapy at Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. My teachers Larry Bernstein, Gail Creeksong, Chris Hauze, and Donna Hayes led me to completing their 555 hr certified massage therapist program. I continued studying massage therapy with Amy Acsencio, Roger Weaver, and Sabrina Italia at the Burke Williams Academy of Massage in San Jose, CA; completing an additional 550 hr course. I am now a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist #74373, and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Oregon #25540. 



My path has presently led me to continue learning Lomilomi, and ancient Hawaiian healing from Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai in the Kingdom of Hawai'i, Maui. I am continuing my education towards Clinical Herbalism with teachers Christopher Smaka and Sarah Wu, plant spirit medicine, Somatic Dialogue with Dr. Kathryn Kloos, and trauma informed healing. 

I give so much gratitude for all of the teachers, mentors, and guides that have been apart of my journey. I honor the steps each of my ancestors placed upon this earth to support my existence.


I respect and value the level of devotion each of my teachers committed to, to be able to safely share their wisdom, and support the healing path of another. 

I acknowledge the lineages that have practiced healing work for over the last 5,000 years on planet earth.


I have a deep awareness for the pain and challenge many healers have gone through to pave the way for healing practices today.


It is an honor to walk this path, and my intention is to remind each person that I work with that healing is accessible. 


Healing begins with a committed, compassionate, and deep awareness of the self.


Once that connection is made, we are reminded of how much support and guidance we really do have to continue our evolution.

Connection / Integration

30 min 

Connection Call     |     no exchange


Pause, be witnessed, set an intention, ask any questions you may have, and ground together before our first session.

Integration Call    |    $33 USD

For folks that are already on a weekly or bi weekly schedule, in need of further support in between sessions.