April | Trusting Transitions, Morning Rituals, and Evolution of Offerings

What does trust feel like to you?

When I am feeling held in the embodiment of trust, the chatter in my mind fades. I feel a deep and grounded presence in my body. My jaw releases, my hips feel open, and my sensuality feels safe to express itself. In moments of uncertainty, I know that once my body responds to that uncertainty with anxiousness, it is time to give myself extra care and move through the emotions present so that I can access grounded presence once more.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about daily affirmations. When I first started hearing about how to have an 'abundance mindset' there always felt like there was something missing. I knew what I wanted, I would make so many lists in my journal, write affirmations on my mirror, and yet my body didn't believe it was possible. It wasn't until I really started learning about somatic healing that big breakthroughs began taking place. I had to travel to the very depths of my body, to revisit memories that I integrated in ways that didn't support growth. Most childhood trauma starts before age 8, and this is where our body learns how to attach to each emotion, and how to feel safe to get our needs met. Our childhood is the first compass we are given in learning how to navigate our internal landscape. Reconnecting with my inner child has given an opportunity to somatically shift how my body responds to meeting my needs, and giving myself the life I know I deserve. I felt empowered to give myself the choice to choose if those experiences still had power to control my present day reality. As this internal work has continued to deepen, I am committed to embodied practices that keep me anchored in trust, safety, pleasure, consistency, and compassion. In 1:1 work with me, Inner Child work is where we really get clear on how trust is tended to within the body. It is the foundation that your adult self rests upon.


How I continue to be able to trust transitions, and truly feel abundant no matter what uncertainty may be circulating, is to bring what I am calling in, into my body. Dance, self pleasure, getting in the ocean, hiking, stretching... all are some of the ways I move through uncomfortable emotions to make space for the big transitions to integrate into my body.

I love to call in clarity for the development of my visions during self pleasure. Our body, our hips, our sensuality, our breath, literally creates life. In the same way that we can create life with another human being, we can also cultivate this life force energy by igniting the lower energy centers within us.

The 'Hara' chakra, sometimes called the Sacral Hara Chakra. Holds our relational, creative, and sexual energies as it sits within the pelvic region of the body. Through this space we engage multidimensionally and powerfully with the outside world.There are some different names of this energy center because of various traditions that tap into this energetic point in the body. Roots extending to ancient India, this energy center is known as Swadhisthana. When looked at through Japanese tradition, we find it referred to as ‘Hara’. In Japanese, Hara refers to the lower abdomen or belly – and it is this point that is believed to be the center of our energy force. Before I began bodywork, I practiced Reiki and this was the first time I was introduced to the juicy magic of connecting to this energetic center within us. Connecting with the Hara Chakra, and feeling all that comes to the surface when that connection is made, is where deep rooted trust lives in my body. Trust that supports any heartache, any unexpected change, any uncertainty; AND it is where our abundance takes form.

If what I just wrote to you resonates with your body, these are just some of the many paths we will travel during a

Body Translation Call.

For those who are...

↠ Committed to transforming their relationship with their body.

↠ Ready to strengthen their somatic "mind-body" connection.

↠ Curious about earth based medicine, and intuitive guidance.

↠ Ready to devote time for self care as a sacred service of self love.

↠ Trusting in that this healing container is trauma informed, one of no judgement, harm, or superficiality.

I currently have space for 3 more people to join in this intimate healing container. If this is YOU, I am currently scheduling for May, and would love to set up a call to connect deeper with you and really listen to what your body is bringing into the space. The massive changes I have witnessed with clients since beginning this offering has been equally healing to me on such a profound level. It is such a honor to hold you, witness you, AND challenge you to communicate with your body in a way maybe you've never done before.


Some morning rituals that have been really grounding me amidst the shifts and turns taking place in my life right now:

morning tea ceremony

sweating in the sun

crying without the need to rush the process

making washing my face into a sensual practice

placing my hand to my heart before I start anything else

cleaver, motherwort, and yarrow

These may seem like simple things, and they still have provided a lot of dedication to supporting my nervous system by making sure I do these things everyday.


I also wanted to share with you a new offering that I will be scheduling intention calls for this June.

This will be available for in-person sessions, as well as virtual.

Plant Ally Guidance Session

On my website I will be adding a new page with a list of the current plant allies we will be connecting with, and their message. We will have our first call to talk about what you are presently experiencing in your life and create the space for a plant ally to come into our healing container as your guide. We will be connecting with the plants in tincture form, and once you've aligned with your current ally I will send their tincture to your home before our first session. We will have the opportunity of working together once a week, or biweekly. I will guide you on a somatic journey, and be a bridge from the plant world to your spirit / body.

I've been feeling the loving push from my guides and the plant kingdom to share this with you. I know now that this is an offering that needs its own healing container, so that the plants can communicate with you and you can intentionally start building a relationship with them. You will be the first to know when more details are shared to my website. If you can feel your body already saying YES, please reach out to me by email, and I will start scheduling calls in the order of the names I receive.


To finish up April's letter to you, I want to also let you know that I am MOVING!

I will be making my move to my home away from home, Maui, HI this summer. I have been putting so much heart energy into the alignment of this move and I am so blown away that it is really happening. The last three years have taught me so much about letting go, and how challenging it really is for me. Hawaii has always held me, and always simultaneously supported me in letting go from so many different people / things in my life. Maui specifically has been where I have felt so deep rooted in trust, and has proven to me time and time again that she's got me. Right now in my life, I'm ready to heal my heart and fully open my practice again. Please come visit!

I am so excited to share my process with you, and keep sharing slabs of my heart in these monthly letters. Thank you for feeling into this excitement with me and I can't wait to hear more from you in the months ahead.

Love to you always,