December | Musings, Transitions, Winter Solstice

Hey all,

There is so much I want to write and express in this month's letter to you. So let your tea steep, get cozy, and let's dive in. For myself, and so many of us, this year has brought a tidal wave of change. In many different ways we've had the walls of all that seemed comfortable or familiar torn down, our nervous system consistently activated + a whole lot of UNKNOWN. This has by far been the wildest ride of a year I've experienced in my lifetime. One of the biggest lessons I've been getting to know very well, is that we may rarely be as fully prepared as we think we should be + what we believe, what we are taught, what we think we know... may fall away entirely as we begin to question everything. Our present reality can shift unexpectedly. Our work, our relationships, our home, our education, our friendships, accessibility to connection, health, the demand for justice in our cities, our social systems, and the environment, will undoubtedly change, breakdown, and evolve whether we are prepared or not. How we adapt in moments of uncertainty, can provide limitless opportunities to connect deeper with yourself, your body, the natural rhythm with the world around you, and it can feel debilitating, confusing, infuriating, heartbreaking... and guess what? We are multidimensional beings! We get to experience all of it! Woo!

If you gave yourself permission to allow all that seemed normal, fun, orgasmic, and comfortable in your life to completely fall away, and all you were regenerating from was your relationship to your self, your body, your truth, (+ food and shelter of course!) and just these few things, would you feel resourced to move forward on your own? So many moments these last 12 months I came back to these questions as I checked-in with myself, and it really helped quiet the noise, so I could truly listen to what my body had the somatic capacity for. I got very aware of what my triggers were/are, what ways of communicating with my being were blocking my growth, how I somatically respond to change, and I got really clear on what isn't true or supportive to me anymore. Setting the personal boundary to not be in a constant need to fix or please, was one of the most difficult yet liberating decisions I made for 2020. There was a lot of hard conversations with loved ones, that led to separation as well as deepened connection. I also questioned my path as a bodyworker, and I had to break down the societal walls of the box I put myself in to truly see what my offerings are. Everything truly changed and evolved in ways I definitely did not expect, and I can honestly say I feel more in touch with my body and my entire being than I have ever been in my entire life.

About 6 months ago now in my June letter, I described the reality we were all facing in comparison to diving underwater. This analogy still sinks in deep, so I will bring it back to the surface ;) The ocean has always been such a powerful mirror to reflect on challenge. Growing up so close to the coast, the ocean is always the place I go to release, as well as seek clarity. The challenges of this year felt like a heavy set of waves crashing on top of me. What was once a warm horizon, providing so much direction in the distance, quickly shape shifted to a large wall of water. Set after set came in, and I kept diving down. Sometimes underwater for long periods of time, with very little air. Other moments I fought, I was angry, I didn't know what to do without having control. Then, after awhile I allowed the current to take me, and now here I am. It is only when we let go, that change will happen. As we learn to adapt, and change with the currents, we can choose what parts of us we wish to continue to bring on our voyage, and what we must let go of. We were all faced with uncertain change, and some of us are still really present with that reality. I support you x1000000000 with continuing your inner work. May your inner voyage provide clarity, connection, forgiveness, oceans of emotion, rest, inspiration, movement, and ease. As we reach the final shares of this month's letter, you'll read an update for my practice, supportive astrological guidance from Ajna Gabriella Intuitive Healing, Winter Solstice musings and ritual!

I now invite all of you to really allow the uncertainty of 2020 to run like water down your back as you release, replenish, restore, and regenerate for the new year ahead. There are some VERY EXCITING changes happening astrologically, as well as in nature, that create powerful milestones as we transition to 2021. As we prepare and integrate, it is so important to up your self care, journal, move your body, and BE EMBODIED.

I am opening up my availability in January for 1:1 Body Translation Calls. A call devoted to revealing the messages behind your focus areas, to provide guidance through self-massage, somatic healing techniques, guided visualization practices, earth wisdom, and sound healing. We will connect for 1 hour, over a live video chat using FaceTime or WhatsApp. If this is something you'd like to learn more about please reach out to me here.

It has been the most affirming and exciting realization, that this work can reach farther than the massage table. Being able to connect and witness you create the time and space for your healing, in your own home, has truly been my motivation to be versatile and continue to evolve my practice. We are so fortunate to be able to still be "in touch" in this digital realm!

Today is the Winter Solstice + Saturn Conjunct Jupiter: The Age of Aquarius! What does that mean? The Winter Solstice is also known as midwinter, and the longest night + shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. As we invite the sun back in, what parts of yourself are you ready to be illuminated? What parts of you are you bringing into 2021? How are you embodying the parts of yourself you that want to be seen? What is true for you now? What has your shadow taught you? How are you evolving?

^ These questions above can serve as helpful journal prompts, and your responses can also be used for a ritual practice where you write your responses on separate pieces of paper (sticky notes are great!), setting the intention to call upon the energy of the sun to guide you and illuminate your path (use dialogue that is supportive for you!), and burn each piece of paper as you allow spirit to do the rest, while you move through your life consistently aligning and working towards all that you are calling in. At the bottom of this letter, you will also see a bath salt recipe to help energetically release all that no longer serves you on your path ahead. Get creative and in touch with the magic of the Winter Solstice in what ever way feels authentic for you! I like to stay inside the tub till all the water drains, and imagine that what I am releasing is all that is being drained around me. See how that feels! Here is a playlist as well!

My cosmic ride or die of many lifetimes Gabriella (she/they), a creative, empowering, graceful, and grounding force guiding folks through their life experience with astrology and intuitive healing. I feel honored to have the permission to share with you a peek of what Gabriella has written on Patreon providing guidance + clarity as we transition into the Age of the Aquarius.

" When Jupiter and Saturn meet up in the sky, it is considered a ‘Great Conjunction’ because these outer planets align about only once every 20 years, and the sign they overlap in holds keys to understanding what defining characteristics will mark the next era.

On December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn are meeting in the sign of Aquarius and it is considered the ‘GRAND conjunction’ because it is the closest Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 1623 (when the astronomer and philosopher Galileo was alive) and it marks the beginning of these conjunctions happening every 20 years in Air signs moving forward for the next 200 years (they’ve been in Earth for the past 200).

It’s not only era-defining for our lifetimes; it’s epoch-defining for our world. Collectively, we are shifting from Earth-dominant energy to Air-dominant energy. Many believe this is the true beginning or heightening of ‘the Age of Aquarius.’ As a society, we are moving from a material, ‘productive,’ empirical, and hierarchical-based focus toward integrating more intellectual, spiritual, and egalitarian structures collectively.

There is so much to celebrate with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius: we are waking up as a species to the magic of our multidimensional nature and refusing to remain complicit in the power systems that rob us of our humanity and harm the Earth. Aquarius recognizes our interdependence, the importance of community. We are plugged into digital matrices that provide us with unbelievable amounts of knowledge, connection, and opportunities to create and develop and share our passions.

Even though we still have so much practicing to do in unlearning harmful behavior and repairing the harm that has been done to marginalized and targeted communities, we are more willing as a society to look at these issues than ever before. We are reckoning with systems of oppression, with internalized bias, with systemic racism and ableism and sexism. We are more visibly and safely queer than ever before. We are more curious. It is hard to feel it some days—and harder to feel it depending on where in the world you are, what identities you hold, what spaces you have access to—but we are more open-minded than ever before...."

-- Ajna Gabriella Intuitive Healing

As we've experienced the infamous year of 2020, social uprising, the election, a global pandemic, astrological shifts, wildfires, bringing us to today's Winter Solstice; we are blessed with the completion of our year with a nourishing full moon in Cancer on the 29th. If you would like to learn more about the energy of the full moon based on your astrology, intention setting for the new year ahead, I highly suggest connecting with Gabriella via the links I shared with you above or on Instagram: @ajnagabriella

That is all for now love!

THANK YOU for continuing to stay connected as we continue working together, on social media, a phone call, or through the realms! Feel free to forward this letter to anyone that you feel would benefit from what was shared so we can grow this community, save it into a folder in your email, or if you wish to no longer receive them please unsubscribe from the link below! Wishing you a supportive, easeful, and liberating transition into 2021!

Talk to you next month from Hawaii!

- Abbie