January | Shadow Work, Nature As Self, Freeing Your Intuition

I'm so happy you're here,

Curious to hear how your Winter Solstice was? Feel free to write to me if you have any questions about all that I shared with you last month (you can also revisit the letter on my website). This month's letter I'll be writing about more of the bare bones of Sacred Alignment Bodywork, ways to view your life through the eyes of nature, and an invitation to learn how to connect with your internal sacred flame.

The last 4 months, I have been in a mentorship led by Fey Wolf. This mentorship provided an excavation into the cold, wet, dark, earth of my being. To be of guidance and support for ourselves + others we need to come face to face with our shadow, our internal, unseen self. Fey compassionately witnessed and supported me as I moved through one of my most difficult life transitions. Fey's healing work brings you to your core. She welcomes you lovingly to the parts within you hidden in the dark, asking to be seen, and longing to be heard. (At the base of this letter, you'll see more about Fey's offerings, and you can also use the links above to view her page!)

For years I continuously felt blocked from stepping fully into my work. I dreamt consistently on how to weave my offerings, but there was an internal dialogue that pushed hard against me bringing anything into fruition. Not acknowledging what my wild soul really needed, began to affect all relationships in my life. Work, personal, health, my communication, everything! I attempted to push all intuitive guidance aside, distract myself externally, or dissociate completely. I had a lot of blocks surface from this present day, as well as lives before this one. The patriarchal violence that has consisted for so many years, made sharing healing work feel extremely disorienting. My soul has been persecuted in past lives for sharing offerings such as I am sharing now. Many of us have faced challenges such as this. The fact that I can be writing this to you now, without fear of who will read it is astounding. The fact that we can study herbalism, have a business blending plant based medicine, identify as a healer, openly share about menstruation, energy, spirit... is such a massive breakthrough! I also acknowledge my privilege in this lifetime, and I want that to be known. Times are very different, we still have a lot of work to do as a society. In comparison to the years before this, we are indeed making big changes. I could go on about this forever. What I want to bring it back to, is that these patriarchal blocks are ingrained deep within us. No matter what your work is, we have a deep mental programming of 'work' needing to look a certain way. Breaking out beyond this can be challenging, and I want you to know that I see you.

When I first began giving bodywork in 2017, I worked in an upscale spa full time. I continued working in spas, to wellness centers, to chiropractic offices, and I felt that I was still trying to fit into an industry that I couldn't fully be myself in. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for all that I learned in those spaces. However, I knew I needed a deeper connection with the people I was exchanging energy with. What kept me there for so long, is how much I absolutely love bodywork. Witnessing people fully submerge into their body, and being the one to be able to facilitate that, is so profound to me.

When the pandemic began last March, after just moving to Portland, myself and the majority of LMTs everywhere, were laid off. I knew it was time to change course, and begin the evolution of my soul's work. It was time to fully break everything down, so I could rebuild in the ways I had been envisioning for years. This began with dedicating a new relationship with my shadow. Everything I had been locking away within myself was breaking open. Choosing to commit to myself and my healing in this way, was the best decision I could've ever made. After being laid off, I created an alter in the middle of my bedroom. I was calling in abundance, a mentor, and guidance on how to be able to share my work in ways that I neglected for so long. I knew I needed to get to root of where I felt blocked internally. Working with my shadow was the union I needed to nourish, to be in the place I am in now.

Once we can give sight and recognition to these 'unseen' parts of ourselves, we can see the weight of all that we are carrying, to find what we can release. You do not have to carry the weight from all that has brought pain into your life, you've held it long enough. Whether this pain is ancestral, from past lives, your current life, relationships, family... whatever it may be; connecting with your shadow is equally as powerful as embodying your light.

Our body retains all that we've experienced on a cellular level. For example, if we go through something traumatic our inner dialogue can be altered, shifting our perspective on the world around us. The stories we attach to can have an origin deep within us. Leaving our mind spinning, and unable to register when we are repeating a self sabotaging pattern. We are the only ones capable of releasing ourselves from experiences that no longer serve us. Once we can pick up on these somatic patterns within the body, we can viscerally feel when we are activated. Being receptive to these subtle cues creates more harmony within our nervous system, as we will learn to give our body what it truly needs to reset.


Receive guidance to these parts within you!


Seek support!


Connect with trusted resources!

However, no one will release you of your shadow. Your shadow is apart of you, with plenty to teach. No one can release you of the emotional or energetic weight that you carry, this is a dance you must do with yourself. Always changing like the tides. As we learn our changing currents, we are able to notice our triggers and we learn to communicate with ourselves and others in ways that support our healing / growth. Becoming familiar with what activates or causes fear in the body clears the first layer in this personal excavation process. As above so below; the more we give honor to our shadow, the more we are relearning how to align with all we desire in this life.

We have transitioned into the year of 2021, with still some time resting in the winter months. The new year often brings inspiration, pressure to get goals started, and create lists of all we are ready to achieve. I invite you to continue moving slow within your body, even if you are feeling massive momentum in your life. Check-in with yourself daily, see how you're feeling beneath the surface. Make time to breathe, integrate, revitalize your soul. Winter reminds us to journey inward, nourish, replenish, and rest. Within this stillness, I believe it is a beautiful time to dream. Envision the growth of your current passions, as well as gain clarity of what you're calling into your life.

As the days lead us closer to spring, we also approach the Celtic holiday of Imbolc on February 2. With honor and great respect to my Celtic and Welsh heritage, you'll be learning a little about these holidays in my letters to you. In Celtic or Pagan tradition, Imbolc marks the beginning of Spring + is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc or 'Saint Brigid's Day' celebrates the sun returning, fertility, healing, crafting, and poetry. I believe this is a beautiful time to build an alter dedicated to your passions, honoring the supporting forces in your life that you may not see, expressing gratitude for your healing, and perhaps writing a poem dedicated to your soul's work to place upon your alter. Saint Brigid is known as the goddess of the flame, if you feel intrigued to learn more about her and ask for her support, give her offerings on your alter, she is very loving and powerful to work with!

As I blend my love for herbalism, ecopsychology, or in other words THE WISDOM AND MAGIC OF THIS PLANET, I always want to provide a reflection for ourselves in nature. With this perspective in mind, think of Spring as the season that will release the seeds of our dreams into the fertile soil of our being. Allowing our dreams to grow roots, take action under the rays of the sun, blossoming into the abundance we deserve. Winter can be a truly transitional time nurturing your magic, and tending to your body's gentle guidance.

How we can tend to our inner flame, the sun within our bodies, to grow and strengthen our roots, is all in the hips baby!

Energetically, above the hips and down to our sacrum we have our solar plexus and root energy centers (Chakras). Our pelvic bowl holds the stories which no longer serve us, our trauma, our fears; as well as what we desire, what we are passionate about, our instinct, our discernment, all that continues to keep us moving forward.

If you feel disconnected from this energetic channel within your body, or are curious to journey deeper within you, I would love to support you during a Body Translation Call. These sessions are 1 hour long, over live video, and we can begin to translate the messages your body is communicating with you. Whether in person, or over video, this work is trauma informed. I am here to guide and support you, to every part of your being you wish to go, at your own pace.

Inner work is BIG WORK, more valuable than any paycheck or financial gain. Let's tend to our inner sacred flames as we continue to be of support for ourselves, our planet, and our community at large.

That wraps up all that I wanted to share with you this month! If you feel that anyone in your life would benefit from this month's letter please don't hesitate to forward it along. Also, if you'd like to talk more about anything I shared, or pop on a 30 min call, just let me know by responding to this email.

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Loving you always,


"Within private sessions, I open up sacred space for us to access higher realms of consciousness together. With the help of your spirit allies and Source Consciousness, I act as a medium to relay messages to you from your higher self. I psychically scan the body for the energetic, emotional, ancestral, and karmic blocks separating the individual from experiencing wholeness. We then go on a journey of quantum healing and reprogramming all parts of self into harmony. Common themes we may look at within private session work together include: childhood and recent life traumas, relationship patterns, inner-child wounding, entity attachments, past life experiences, ancestral karma, and self-destructive behavior. We may also use guided meditation, shamanic journeying, sacred drumming, neurological reprogramming, and hands-on energy work to identify and remove the blocks that separate you from your most authentic expression of self." - Fey Wolf

Photographs of Fey Wolf by Olivia Ashton

Artist and Meditation Guide

Portland, OR