Sacred Earth 


1:1 Offering + Community 

Beginning December 2021 

What is a plant spirit ?

Over thousands of years, medicinal herbs have been worked with for their wide range of healing properties. Each medicinal herb has a spirit, anima ' soul ' , and when we open up a direct channel of communication with them, our body responds on a visceral level.


A plant is a living being, and whether you are interacting with them as they grow in the earth, gathered / dried, alchemized into medicine - their spirit is alive and can be available for communication.  

As your connection to the plant kingdom deepens you will notice a heightened sensitivity to their way of communicating. 

Communicating with a plant's spirit will open your energetic field up to their subtle and powerful messages; as well as reveal parts of yourself that are ready for evolutionary healing.

 Plant Spirit Guidance cultivates within you a  deepened connection with the Plant Kingdom. 

You will begin to create a relationship with a plant spirit, and open up direct communication with their teachings. 

Before our first session, we will have a 60 minute Connection Call where we will open up the channel for a plant spirit to come forward. 

When we begin our work together, our calls will be 90 minutes and our healing container will be set to support your highest intention.

I simply am a bridge / channel / medium to introduce you with ancient sources of guidance that are always here for you. 

Next Steps :

Schedule 60 minute Connection Call


1:1 Trauma Informed - live video consultation

 Guided Somatic Journey / Channeled Support

Introduction to working with a Plant Spirit

 Intention Setting

$133 USD

Commitment :

11 Sessions inside an intentional healing container 

  1 Session / week or biweekly

Winter Solstice, December  21st - Spring Equinox, March 20th

$1,222 USD full exchange

Payment Options Available

What Is Included :

1:1 Support

Trauma Informed Healing + Somatic Guidance

Full Monograph of the herb you will be building a relationship with 

Tincture and Dried Herbs

Integration Practices 

Class on how to make infused body oil / salve, tincture, tea blends.

Guidance for honoring the land you are on - how to respectfully wildcraft / prepare medicine

Optional Live Community Call 2x / month 

 If you have any further questions / concerns, please send a message